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Greetings from Russian Arctic
& Finnish Lapland!

After a long QRT, I am back on the Air since December 2012
Hello DX! ;-) Do not ask where I've been ;-)

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16 октября 2016 г.

FB email from Nagy

Hi dr Vadim!
Thank you very much for QSo and nice QSL too!

Hera I am attaching my old but best QSL from all over the world. The date was 01 XI 1970 and 14 Mhz cw!
My club station was (and to day too) HA5KHC and my op name on cw is „Ati”. The copy is not to good but I hope you can read it. I have the book by Ernst is „ My call is RAEM! (uungartan translete) Once more thanknk you for BPSK contact and mni 73’s to you and good healt to you and to your dear family in Murmansk city.

from Dave - update LiveMUF

I have moved my website and Dxcluster to new addresses.

The website is now at:  http://www.g7rau.co.uk/   (a different location to the DXC!).
You will need to create a new login as I have been unable to copy your old details to the new server. Simply fill in the details here http://www.g7rau.co.uk/default.aspx?menu=25001

11 октября 2016 г.